QODA were appointed to provide M&E design services for Perrot Court, Elizabeth College. The project involved he refurbishment of a 30-year-old concrete frame commercial building into a modern College building which is fully integrated with the larger campus via a new pedestrian and services link bridge. The building also includes 4 levels of underground car parking which were also refurbished with new services as part of the project.

The project comprised integrating an adjacent office building and car park into the main Elizabeth College campus, creating a new double-height circulation core hub, and learning spaces. The new spaces are connected to the historic school estate by an impressive bridge link. The building features low-carbon heating system using ASHP’s situated in the basement car parks. The spaces are illuminated by an architectural lighting system carefully designed in close collaboration with the Architect. The small power distribution relies on a versatile bus-bar / floor box solution which means the power/data can be altered in the future to allow creative adaptation of the spaces.

The project was refurbished in phases (lower car parks & habitable levels) which meant QODA had to approach the services with caution to ensure no unplanned or long services disruptions to the live parts of the building.