QODA were appointed 66as MEP and Sustainability Engineers by Clear Architects to provide an operational net-zero development following design principles of the Passivhaus Standard. Park Farm is a 35,000sqm multi-use scheme consisting of new buildings and retrofitting historic farm buildings to provide 34 dwellings for locals and flexible multi-use community spaces. The retrofit portion will re-purpose and restore the disused buildings and will include enhancement of the existing historic walls and landscape of the old farm.

QODA Light, our specialist lighting team, developed the external lighting design strategy for the surrounding area and community spaces to provide a safe environment for vehicular and pedestrian transit, whilst ensuring the sensitivity of the surrounding environment is well considered, with light pollution kept to a minimum. QODA carried out the design for site-wide rainwater harvesting, communal irrigation, solar PV farm and electric vehicle charging. The site featured ornamental garden walls, orchard and vegetable patch along with improvement works to a tennis pavilion to create a new coffee / community shop and sports facilities for new villagers. Two strategies were developed to provide suitable, sustainable and economical heating to both the new and retrofit dwellings. The new dwellings were served from a communal ground source water loop connected to de-centralised heat pumps. The existing retrofit dwellings were supplied via a two-stage air source heat pump.