The medium of light can transform a space. It can reveal texture, alter atmosphere, bring joy, amazement and delight.

A creative lighting design consultancy.

Discerning use of light patterns, colour temperature, intensity or direction influences the form of every space differently.

Lighting design is often considered a mix of art and science. We marry the two together – combining understanding and visual appreciation of the three-dimensional space with expertise that ensures all technical aspects are delivered.

Interpreting your vision and aspirations for a space – with a thorough grasp of the building’s layout and design – allows for truly integrated lighting solutions.

At QODA LIGHT, we work collaboratively with design teams, balancing individual needs while constantly keeping the ultimate vision in sight.



Simon Dove

Simon Dove has been working with light for his entire 30-year career. He’s worked across many sectors on designs large and small but, with any project, feels a collaborative approach is essential for a fruitful outcome.

He believes lighting design should have people at its core – allowing them to perform tasks, and explore and navigate safely. To enjoy their environment and control unwanted light. That we should constantly explore new ideas and technologies to deliver creative design solutions, but not discard established concepts.

Joel Callow

Dr Joel Callow has been designing buildings for natural light for nearly 20 years. Always seeking to balance the art and science of natural light, he has wide-ranging experience across many sectors, working in partnership with creative designers.

Joel utilises climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM) and façade solar mapping to understand how people experience natural light on aggregate – and ensures the building design respects and works with the natural environment’s resources. The result he aims for is happy, healthy people occupying buildings that harness nature to its best effect.

Ben Porter

Ben has over 14 years of Specialist Lighting Design experience working both in the UK and further afield. As part of the QODA Light team he is responsible for managing projects and resources from conception to completion, working closely to design briefs and budgets as required.

His role sees him collaborating closely with clients and fellow design team members by demonstrating the benefits well considered lighting can have on their spaces. Be it creating eye catching concepts at the earlier stages of a project or working with the contractor to ensure the details are meticulously accurate during construction, he takes great pride in providing a creative and hands on service.