Our design engineering expertise focuses on a broad range of industry sectors.


Science and Research

The Science and Research world is a fast-paced and innovative environment that requires high quality, robust, and bespoke design solutions to enable researchers, manufacturers, technicians, and academics to function. Flexibility and adaptability are essential to facilitate the science in an ever-changing world. Our team is Client focussed and brings decades of experience to our projects across containment laboratories, cleanrooms, manufacturing suites, and teaching facilities. We work closely with scientists and researchers to establish cutting edge design solutions that focus on the function of the facility whilst balancing cost, time, quality, and sustainability considerations.

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As the saying goes, you’re never too old to learn. The more experience we gain in the education sector, the more skilful we become at designing building services that are conducive to successful study.

Spaces need to be stimulating and comfortable for staff and students alike. Good thermal performance, ventilation, design and acoustics all make the learning environment function more effectively. Years of working in this sector, on everything from nurseries to universities, has taught us how to balance these inter-related issues to provide the perfect conditions for the best educational outcomes.

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For any hotel, the comfort of the guests is paramount and building services can play an important role in achieving end-user satisfaction. There is also a need for our building design team to offer and maintain a high degree of service and reliability for clients who work in this sector.

The same level of meticulous planning, design and management is applied to the smallest boutique hotel through to the largest hotel development and we pride ourselves on offering five-star levels of service to our clients on every project that we handle.

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Business is business. Within the commercial offices sector, cost, time and quality are all important factors that have to be carefully balanced with other considerations such as flexibility in use, thermal comfort, regulatory compliance and energy consumption.

Our clients have wide ranging requirements and our experience in this sector enables us to meet every need from natural ventilation to secure environments. From complex new buildings to detailed, refurbishments, we are perfectly equipped with advanced skills, including the latest BIM capabilities, to drive a project forward to a successful and timely completion.

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Community Buildings

Whether it’s a large mixed use scheme that regenerates an urban area or an individual building that provides space for a local group, our work in this sector aims to create or enhance the community around us.

We aim to produce buildings and spaces that are welcoming, safe, easy to use and efficient to operate…of course they need to look good too!

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Sports and Leisure

For sportsmen and women of all levels, conditions have an important bearing on performance. That’s why, at QODA, we know we always have to be at the top of our game as we consistently deliver sports and leisure facilities of the highest quality.

Whether it is dedicated centres of excellence, local authority-run sports centres or private spas and gyms, the environment we create needs to help users to achieve their sporting goals. Our building design consultancy has the necessary skills to balance the development of complex systems with the application of energy saving techniques to ensure winning outcomes every time.

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Working to the exact demands of the conservation sector brings with it a unique set of challenges. Our understanding of the complex issues involved is enhanced by a passion for historic buildings which has developed over many years.

This wealth of experience enables us to fully appreciate that incorporating modern services can only be successfully achieved by treating historic buildings with the utmost respect. It is only after an intensive period of investigation and research that we will sit down to prepare our carefully detailed solutions.

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No one has more demanding standards than our private clients, many of whom have prestigious property portfolios around the world. Working on a wide range of projects in this sector, our team has earned a reputation for developing creative and cutting-edge solutions for all aspects of technology, sustainability and security services.

This consistent and unrivalled quality of service comes with its own rewards. Working on projects ranging from the refurbishment of large country houses to new build developments, we are proud to have developed a number of long-term relationships in the residential sector.

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No industry sector requires consistent standards, faultless execution and updates more than healthcare, with lives literally depending on the quality of our work. Our experience in this sector covers design solutions within the whole range of acute, primary care, care home and research facilities.

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QODA Net Zero

The challenge of addressing climate change is the most pressing of our time, and at QODA we are placing net zero carbon at the centre of our designs.

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