Like those who perform in the buildings we help to create, we are always striving to achieve a personal best.


Much of the work we do in this sector involves modernising our ageing sports centres. This includes making improvements to the fabric of the building, enhancing the internal environment, providing modern interactive services and saving energy with a range of sustainability measures.

With the Edgbaston Priory Club, the project included the design of the new indoor tennis centre. The lighting we used for the courts has now been adopted by the LTA as a best practice benchmark for similar centres to follow.

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“I have worked with Nick and QODA on a number of projects now and have always found them to be good team members who understand what is required to deliver the clients objectives. They are always prepared to consider new approaches and have enthusiastically embraced BIM and the benefits it can bring.”

Graham Clarkson ,

The Clarkson Alliance