Complex technologies, correctly used, lead us to simpler and more elegant design solutions.


As technology continues to advance, so must we. That’s why QODA runs regular training programmes to ensure the capabilities of our talented team remain ahead of the curve. Not only do the latest developments have an impact on the mechanical, electrical and sustainable areas of building design, but they also change the tools we use within our offices.


Our projects often involve the design of complex systems that include state-of-the-art audio visual technologies, sensitive environmental constraints or critical power and air conditioning systems. In each case, we have the experience and knowledge to understand how technology can best solve all of the issues for our clients.

We believe the secret to making the most of technology is by striving to keep solutions as simple as possible, and always resisting the temptation to over-design. By taking this approach, we make the latest technologies work for us rather than the other way around.

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Welcome to our new starters!

A warm welcome to our new starters Hannah Mcilrath, Mark Tobin, and Emma Gibbard. Hannah joined our London office as an Office Administrator. She has previous experience in the finance and construction industries. Mark who joined our Bristol office as a Graduate Sustainability Engineer. Mark has a 1st class BEng (Hons) in Architectural Engineering...

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A warm welcome to our new starters!

A warm welcome to our new starters Katie Clemence-Jackson and Stan Bannister who have joined our London office, and Emma Mathias-Jones and Nathan Kelly who have joined our Bristol office.